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Spring-summer 2019

Spring-summer 2019
12 February 2019 8294 Views No comments


In the new season, beige will dominate the catwalks. Sandy beige, shades of coffee, cinnamon, or nuts - as long as it is beige.

Bold and wild animal patterns

You cannot tire of animal patterns. Leopard-patterned trousers, coats, dresses, or suits. If you are bolder, experiment with animal patterns and bright colours.

Dress in patterns all over

Patterns have always been trendy but in the summer and spring of 2019 different patterns will be combined irrespective of whether or not they match. Pattern madness has conquered all!

Outfits in the shades of fruits

Outfits in joyful, bright colours is the easiest way for spicing up your wardrobe. The rich shades of citrus fruits.

Masterful handicraft

There is no way to run away from elements of handicraft in the new season. In the spring collections, one can find eye-catching crocheting motifs from the 1970s, fishing net-like techniques, and various macrame techniques. Handicraft is back enjoying full honour!

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