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Fall-winter fashion overview 2019

Fall-winter fashion overview 2019
25 July 2019 4330 Views No comments

A suit jacket with shoulder pads or shoulder pads with a suit jacket?

This autumn’s pantsuits are comfortable and loose-fitting. Straight-cut trousers with a loose-fitting jacket make up an elegant yet comfortable combination. If you are unsure about which material to prefer, we recommend tweed, chequered, or pepita fabric.

A proper fashionable suit jacket should have shoulder pads that give you shoulders wide enough to make the Greek gods envy you.

70s Parisienne

She adores loop yarn, golden buttons, silk blouses, scarves, and formal jackets. Warm rustic tones dominate her wardrobe. When she’s feeling a bit wild, she will wear leopard print, but only in a subtle way.


Leather is trending in the autumn and winter collections of 2019 as if it were a regular fabric. Dresses, trouser suits, and costumes are made of it. Soft and malleable leather is used for making flower blossoms and flounces.


If sequins are not your cup of tea, add some lightness, airiness, and playfulness to your wardrobe with feathers. Feathers can be used for covering whole garments or as a decorative element.

Modern patchwork

The popularisation of reusing and redesigning old things has introduced patchwork to the fashion world. Designers combine different patterns and textures, resulting in ultra-fashionable sweaters, skirts, and dresses.


Back in the day, only middle-aged golf players would wear diamond-patterned knits, but this autumn, it has taken over the runway.

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