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Make a magnet / 2 different

The kit includes gypsum powder, 6 molds, magnets, paints and a brush.
In addition, you need a container and a stick or a spoon for mixing gypsum.
Measure 100 ml of water in a container for the gypsum mix and add powder, mix
thoroughly. Pour the mixture into molds and let dry for at least 1 h,
longer if needed. Then remove the shapes gently from the mold and place them
right side on the newspaper or cloth. Let the image dry at least
2 hours, better even overnight. Then paint in the shapes as desired
and let the paint dry. Then remove the protective paper from the magnet
and glue it to the gypsum shape.
The kit is suitable for children from 5 years of age.

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Make a magnet / Mermaid Make a magnet / Mermaid
1 pc
Make a magnet / Space Make a magnet / Space
2 pc