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A new look for your dining room chairs!

A new look for your dining room chairs!
9 августа 2019 г. 2425 Views No comments

Are you looking for someone to revamp the seat cushions of your dining room chairs? Stop looking, you can do a great job all on your own!

You will need upholstery fabric or a thick decorative fabric, a staple gun and staples, and a screwdriver.

1. Remove the seat cushion

2. Remove the old cover

3. Place the seat base onto the new fabric and cut an appropriate piece, making sure it is big enough to turn over the edges and attach them to the chair.

4. Tighten the new cover on the chair base and attach it with your staple gun, starting from the edge furthest from you. Then, tighten and staple the opposite edge. Keep going, until the cover is completely attached to the chair.

5. When covering corners with your new fabric, use the same technique as you would when wrapping a present. For thicker material, you could also cut the excess fabric.

Crafting is wonderful!