Bargain prices on great fabrics! Best prices 1€, 2€, 3€, 4€, 5€ meter!

Bargain prices on great fabrics! Best prices 1€, 2€, 3€, 4€, 5€ meter!

About Us


We handicrafts

...and value uniqueness.

Let's unleash our inspiration and creativity! Handicrafts = excitement!

Handicrafts reduce stress and bring joy!
They are the best way to spend your free time!

My time, my handicrafts!

Everything you need for handicrafts and even more!

Our shops are like paradise for handicraft lovers!

With us you will find all the necessary materials and accessories!

Our stores offer products from all over the world. We always offer something new!

We have something that others do not - fabrics by weight.

We can become your favorite store!


You can shop online whenever you want and buy everything your heart desires - the goods will be delivered where you need them. You can order goods to almost any part of the world.

Free delivery for purchases over 50 euros.

10% discount for orders over 100 euros.

Do you want to feel the fabric first? You can order a sample in the eAbakhan store!

Abakhan - everything for handicrafts!


We have been delighting lovers of handicrafts in the Baltic States since the early 1990s. We currently have 11 paradise islands - 7 stores in Estonia and 4 stores in Latvia.

Our parent company is based in the UK and has been operating for 60 years. Cooperation enriches our product range.

Abakhan - always a reason to come by!