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Chupa Chups DIY Scented Perfume Lab

Chupa Chups DIY Scented Perfume Lab
Not suitаble for children under 8 years. For use under adult supervisor only

Set includes:
Perfume base, sodium Crystals, 3 fragrances, Bag of glitter, spray bottle, roller bottle, measuring pot, syringe, stirring stick, mixing pot, scoop

Make sure your work area is clean and tidy. Cover with paper towels as scents may stain. Wash your hands before you begin. If any ingredient gets on your work surface, wipe it up with a dry paper towel first then wash with soap and warm water.

How to make Roller Perfume:
You will need: Roller bottle, perfume base, syringe, stirring stick, and fragrance.
1. Open the roller bottle and make sure your bottle is clean before you begin.
2. Using the syringe extract the perfume base and transfer it carefully inside the roller bottle. Fill almost to the top.
3. Choose your fragrance and add 6 drops. Twist the top back onto your bottle and shake to mix.
4. Your roller perfume is ready!

How to make Perfume Spray
You will need: spray bottle and fragrance

1. Open the spray bottle and make sure your bottle is clean.
2. Add in 6 drops of your chosen fragrance.
3. Fill the spray bottle with cold water, screw the top back on and give it a good shake!
4. Tip: try experimenting with scents by mixing them or even adding the juice of your favorite fruit. If you would like a stronger scent you can just add more fragrance.

How to make Crystal Pourri
You will need: Crystals, Measuring Cup, Stirring Stick, Small Dish, and Fragrance.
1. Use 1/2 of the Sodium Crystals and pour them into the dish.
2. Fill your measuring cup with 40 ml water and add a few drops of your chosen fragrance.
3. Carefully pour the water over the crystals. Your crystals should have now taken on the color and fragrance and have expanded to twice the size.
4. Leave overnight for best results.
Your crystals can be used as a room fragrance or as a colorful dec
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