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Free shipping on purchases over 50 €, and a small gift for the quickest buyers!

Simply Make Cross Stitch Kit / Strawberries

Suitable from the age of 12

Kit contains:
* plastic hoop
* 4 x thread
* stitching fabric
* 2 x needles
* threader
* instruction

Cross stitch: an X-shaped embroiderer stitch
Half stitch: a diagonal stitch that goes from one corner of the square to the opposite corner without finishing the X
Running stitch: a dashed stitch (fig 1)

How to cross-stitch:
Cross stitch in horizontal rows going left to right. Start with your needle and thread at the back of the item, then bring the needle up through the hole at point 1 (the lower left hole of one square in your pattern), and down through to the back at point 2 (the upper right hole of one square). Then bring your needle back through to the front at 3, then down at 4, etc until you have completed the row. (fig 2)
The return row is stitched right to left. make crosses by bringing the needle up at 9 and down at 10, up at 11 down at 12, etc.
Complete the return row and repeat the stitching sequence until the area is stitched as it is on the chart (fig 2)
Tip: Always stitch your rows going in the same direction, making sure that the top stitch of your X is always going the same way.

Reading a cross stitch pattern:
Each square in the grid represents one stitch (ie square on the item formed by holes in each corner) (fig 3)
The gird lines are darker every 10 stitches to make reading the pattern, counting stitches, and keeping your place easier.
Cross stitch patterns have arrows indicating the center. It is important to find the center of your stitching fabric and start stitching from the center.

Using the embroidery hoop:
Lay the Aida cloth, centered, on top of the smaller hoop. Slide the larger hoop over it, with the screw at the top. Tighten the screw until the hoops are secure while pulling the cloth taut. When the stitching is complete, trim the excess cloth.

Thread and stitching:
Your kit contains threa
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