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Fashion overview spring-summer 2023

Fashion overview spring-summer 2023
April 14, 2023 233 view(s)

Fashion overview spring-summer 2023

Mischieviously transparent

Transparent fabrics have been on the fashion scene for several seasons now, but for spring-summer 2023, the trend has made a real breakthrough.


Denim fabric – distressed, patterned, with rivets – has taken over the fashion scene. Denim is being used to make everything from maxiskirts to coats. It is particularly fashionable to wear all these garments together.


The fashion world's love for knits and handicraft does not fade with the arrival of spring. This spring, spider web-like mesh fabrics are all the rage.


The classic grass green and brighter shades of green are a big hit this spring, suitable for wearing at work or more festive occasions.

Dazzling white

There is not another colour that shouts from afar: "Spring! Summer!" than white.

Cobalt blue

Blue is in fashion this spring as a counterbalance to pink. Enjoy until the pastel shades take over again!