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Last days of BAZAAR! Discounts up to -70% at all Abakhan stores and online until 22nd of July.

Inspiration for graduation dresses

Inspiration for graduation dresses
May 11, 2023 81 view(s)

Inspiration for graduation dresses

Looking for a graduation ceremony dress can be one of the biggest challenges many young girls go through. However, knowing the right trends can narrow down your search and help you choose a dress that is perfect for your style. Here are some graduation dress trends to keep an eye out for this season.


Satin is again a popular choice this season. This luxurious fabric is beautiful and elegant, and pairs perfectly with gold or silver accessories to give your dress that extra sparkle. Satin is suitable for all body types and adds luxury and elegance to any outfit.


Silk is a natural fabric with a beautiful sheen, perfect for party dresses. For something more minimalist, consider a silk dress in pastel shades. Pair it with an airy cardigan or chiffon scarf for a unique and modern look. Alternatively, you could try faux silk.

Suit fabric

Suit fabrics are dense fabrics that are often used as the material for clothes for formal events. This type of fabric is well suited for dresses that can be tailored to the body beautifully. Choose a lace-patterned suit fabric to add dimension to the dress, or a solid-coloured suit fabric to accentuate the cut of the dress.


Multi-layered tulle fabrics have been a popular choice for school graduates for some time. It is a delicate and romantic fabric that adds a touch of flamboyance to a dress. Combine a tulle dress with stilettos or heels for an even more elegant look.


If you want something special and are looking for an alternative to traditional satin and tulle dresses, linen fabric could be just what you are looking for. Linen fabric is perfect for romantic dresses and creates an airy and beautiful look. In addition, linen fabric is a natural and breathable material that will help you feel cool even on the hottest summer days. So, if you want to stand out from traditional graduation gowns, definitely consider choosing a linen dress.

Why should you have a dress sewn just for you?

Commissioning a graduation dress from a seamstress may seem expensive, but it is actually a great investment. If the dress is sewn especially for you, it will fit your body perfectly and you will get a dress that lasts. Also, you can afford to add great fabrics and details. You can also decide which cut suits you best.

Hopefully, this post helped you pick out your dream graduation dress and decide which fabric type suits you best. Whatever trend you choose, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident in it!