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April 6, 2023 110 view(s)


Macramé is a modern hobby craft that has become increasingly popular. It is a pleasant and relaxing pastime, plus there are endless possibilities for what you can make with this technique. All you need is a macramé cord, safety pins and a little patience to make a gorgeous macramé piece that will add lots of warmth and personality to your home.

For example, how about a macramé keyring, a basket for hanging flowerpots, a wall hanging or a wristband? Macramé can also be used to make jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets. For example, you can use macramé to make tablecloths, cushions, light fittings, curtains, rugs, toys and even dog collars. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your own creativity.


Wall hanging




Light fixtures




As you can see, macramé has endless possibilities that you can use to decorate your home. So why not try the macramé technique and see what you can create with your own hands? Start at an easy level and increase the complexity of the patterns – you will have discovered new ways to transform your home and also improve your creative side.

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