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Tulle is a very thin, lightweight, net-like fabric made from silk or cotton thread, but nowadays nylon tulle is the most popular because of its lower cost. The thickness of the nylon fibre determines the drape and softness of the fabric and hence its intended use.

Tulle fabric has been known since ancient times, but it started gaining popularity in the 18th century. In the first half of the 19th century, after the first ballet skirt was made, tulle rose to prominence in the world of dance, after which it became increasingly popular elsewhere. It became a material used for royal wedding dresses as well as for other fashion applications.

Sewing tulle

Tulle has a net-like weave and does not fray, but there are a few tips to help you sew it easier:

1. Cutting thin and soft tulle can be tricky because the layers slip out of place. A rotary cutter and a quilting mat are good tools to help you out.

2. Sew calmly and slowly! Do not stretch the fabric!

3. Use either a zig-zag stitch or a regular long stitch. For a fuller result, use gathering.

4. When sewing by hand, use a long needle and thicker thread.

5. Veil tulle does not fray, so there is no need to hem it. If you want a finished edge still, use bias binding.

What to use tulle for?

Soft and delicate veil tulle is suitable for a variety of garments, accessories and decorations because of it adding volume. Stiffer tulle is more suited to projects that need more hold and structure – dance skirts, wedding dresses and decorations.

When we think of tulle, the first thing that definitely comes to mind are the wonderful airy tutu skirts. But that is not all! Tulle can also be used to make fanciful carnival costumes, special Christmas decorations and decorations for weddings, Halloween parties and various themed parties.

In the summer, make an airy canopy out of soft tulle for protection from insects, or use stiff tulle as a mosquito net in front of the window.

Choose between thin and soft tulle or a slightly stiffer tulle and make fanciful costumes, special decorations for theme parties or princess-like airy tulle skirts.

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